Visionox produced its first ViP AMOLED display, is progressing towards mass production

Visionox announced that it has produced the first mass-production sample ViP AMOLED display. The company aims to start mass producing small and medium-sized ViP AMOLED soon, and later apply the technology for large-area panels as well.

The company did not detail when it expects to start actual mass production. It did update that it has already applied for over 500 patents regarding to ViP technology, over 13 different technical fields. The company also says it is in talks with several key customers to define its production process and final display capabilities.


The Visionox Intelligent Pixelization (ViP) technology is a maskless production process that enables higher-density display production, at over 1,700 PPI. The idea behind ViP is to replace the fine metal mask (FMM) method with photolithography-based pixel patterning. The process offers several advantages, mainly the increase of aperture ratio to almost 70%. FMM methods usually achieve up to 30%, which means that brightness, efficiency and lifetime can all be increased. Visionox reports that when combined with its tandem-stack architecture, its ViP OLEDs enjoy a 6X increase in lifetime, or about 4X increase in brightness, compared to its standard FMM AMOLEDs.

Posted: Dec 19,2023 by Ron Mertens


Looks like a breakthrough:

• 70% aperture ratio;
• 6x lifetime;
• 4x brightness;
• any screen size from 1 to 80 inches.

Hopefully finally 4K or even 8K OLED monitors of monitor sizes such as 24-27 inches will be possible.

I wonder what whether flickering-causing pulse-width modulation (PWM) is used for brightness control, which is a big drawback of Samsung OLED panels (at least mobile ones).

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