Blackbody introduces a new OLED installation using LG Chem's panels

BlackBody introduced a new OLED lighting installation called the Dispertion at the London Design Festival. The Dispertion, designed by Thierry Gaugain uses 550 square OLEDs in addition to some round OLED:

Blackbody & LG Chem Dispertion (photo 1)

The most interesting thing here is that the 100x100 mm square OLED panels were actually provided by LG Chem. Up until now Blackbody only used their own OLED panels (produced in the company's Gen-2 fab in Toulon, France).

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Blackbody installs an I.Rain modular OLED chandelier in the Europlaza building in Paris

OLED lighting maker and designer Blackbody launched the modular I.Rain OLED chandelier (designed by Thierry Gaugain) back in 2012 - but that lamp is still in production. Blackbody recently installed a new one at the Europlaza Building in La Defense Paris. This is such a beautiful lamp, I thought it was worth a post:

Blackbody I.Rain OLED chandelier at Europlaza, Paris

The I.Rain is a modular lamp, and each installation is different. In Blackbody's New York OLED showroom, for example, they have a rather small installation with 504 panels. Blackbody uses their own circular OLED panels, and each emits light between 2500K to 2900K - the non-uniform temperature creates a nice diversity of whites.

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The EU launches a new project to commercialize TADF OLED emitters

The European Commission, under its Horizon 2020 programme, launched a new project called Phebe that aims to develop and commercialize TADF OLED emitters. This three-year project's consortium includes Novaled, Astron-FIAMM, TU Dresden, Kaunas University of Technology, Durham University and other companies and universities.

TU Dresden is focusing on material design using theoretical quantum chemical approaches, and KTU is elaborating synthetic schemes for exciplex emitters and intramolecular charge transfer materials and synthesizing the most promising compounds. Durham will perform photophysical characterisation of the new materials from Kaunus and will also be in charge of elucidating the mechanisms of TADF to feed into the theoretical work of TU Dresden. Novaled will provide best-fit transport and doping material sets, technology and expert know-how on stack architecture.

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BMW shows a new concept car with OLED taillights

A couple of weeks ago BMW unveiled a new Series 7 concept car as part of their BMW Vision Future Luxury design approach. The car includes all sorts of new user and display interfaces such as a projected HUD and a control tablet for rear seat passengers.

BMW Vision Future Luxury

Earlier last month BMW said that the future lighting technology for their automobiles will be OLED (BMW expects to start selling cars with OLED lighting within 3 years) - and indeed the new concept 7 series uses OLED taillights. The OLED suppliers is Astron Fiamm (owners of the Blackbody consumer OLED brand).

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Encapsulix reveals that Blackbody is their OLED ALD encapsulation customer

In October 2013, Encapsulix announced that a "leading OLED lighting supplier in Europe" placed an order for the M500 ALD deposition system. The deposition system shipped in February 2014 and today Encapsulix updated us that the system was installed successfully - and that the customer is Blackbody (Astron Fiamm Safety).

Blackbody will use the new system to deposit OLED encapsulation for panels used in the residential, commercial, automotive and avionics markets. Encapulix's system can process substrates up to 400x500 mm in size and is well suited for Blackbody's Gen-2 production line. Blackbody will also use this system to develop other coating (not just encapsulation layers).

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Sweden's Taby Centrum shopping mall installs a huge 1100-panel blackbody OLED chandelier

One of Swedens' largest shopping malls, the Taby Centrum near Stockholm has been recently renovated. Wanting to create an "exceptional oasis of light", they cooperated with OLED lighting maker Blackbody to install a huge centerpiece in its grand entrance and several OLED "trees" in the shopping areas.

The centerpiece is an I.RAIN chandelier (designed by Thierry Gaugain) that is 9 meters high and 9 meters in diameter. It has 1,100 OLED panels, but weighs just 180 Kg. This is one of the world's largest OLED installations, if not the largest one. The chandelier is placed directly above a piano and can be seen from far away - the perfect landmark for the shopping mall.

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Blackbody's animated I.RAIN chandelier video

Blackbody recently launched their new OLED lighting showroom in New York's Soho district. One of the installations there is a cool I.RAIN chandelier (designed by Thierry Gaugain) that is animated (using a detector unit):

I.RAIN chandeliers are modular, and this one uses 504 OLEDs. It's actually considered a rather small one (the area in total is 5 meter square). Blackbody tells us that the OLEDs are driven at 1,500cd/m2, and the color temperature is between 2500K to 2900K - they say that the temperature isn't uniform and it creates a nice diversity of whites. This specific I.RAIN seems to have the OLEDs at more or less the same height, unlike other installations (shown in the images below).

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Blackbody officially opens their OLED lighting showroom in New York

In May 2013 we reported that Blackbody opened the world's first OLED lighting showroom - in New York's Soho district (25 Greene Street). Now we learned that this showroom was only officially opened last week (October 29). Blackbody says that they opening was very successful and they had a high quality crowd and got very good feedback on their OLED lighting products and their potential.

The new showroom is dedicated to creativity and will host several designer lighting solutions - all powered by Blackbody's OLEDs.

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Astron Fiamm shows new OLED car concept, in advanced talks with several car makes

Back in September 2010 Astron Fiamm has created a new really cool car concept called Car.Bones that uses OLED lighting: headlights, inside-lighting, turn indicators, and more. Today we learned that the company unveiled the second generation concept (Car.Bones 2012, with improved light output and design) at the the automotive salon in Paris. The company is in "advanced discussions" with several automotive manufacturers and suppliers to commercialize those technologies.

Astron Fiamm says that the OLED ensemble fulfills potentially all the exigencies of the European norm (ECE) for automotive exterior signal lighting. Each of the individual OLED panels can be addressed and animation can be created. 

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