Back in September 2010 Astron Fiamm has created a new really cool car concept called Car.Bones that uses OLED lighting: headlights, inside-lighting, turn indicators, and more. Today we learned that the company unveiled the second generation concept (Car.Bones 2012, with improved light output and design) at the the automotive salon in Paris. The company is in "advanced discussions" with several automotive manufacturers and suppliers to commercialize those technologies.

Astron Fiamm says that the OLED ensemble fulfills potentially all the exigencies of the European norm (ECE) for automotive exterior signal lighting. Each of the individual OLED panels can be addressed and animation can be created. 

Aston Fiamm Car.Bones real lamp photo

At the exhibition, they also placed an adapted I.RAIN Blackbody chandelier calling it I.Car, with 400 OLED panels. The floating light elements follow the shape of the sculpture and underline the design. Astron says that the I.RAIN family is selling good and they say its' the best selling OLED lamp today.

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