BlackBody introduced a new OLED lighting installation called the Dispertion at the London Design Festival. The Dispertion, designed by Thierry Gaugain uses 550 square OLEDs in addition to some round OLED:

Blackbody & LG Chem Dispertion (photo 1)

The most interesting thing here is that the 100x100 mm square OLED panels were actually provided by LG Chem. Up until now Blackbody only used their own OLED panels (produced in the company's Gen-2 fab in Toulon, France).

Blackbody & LG Chem Dispertion (photo 2)



New OLED provider for Blackbody

So does their use of LG OLEDs indicate a new preference or main supplier "

_ I recall they had very high QC intake-output standards,

it does make for interesting OLED segment news.

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