Blackbody recently launched their new OLED lighting showroom in New York's Soho district. One of the installations there is a cool I.RAIN chandelier (designed by Thierry Gaugain) that is animated (using a detector unit):

I.RAIN chandeliers are modular, and this one uses 504 OLEDs. It's actually considered a rather small one (the area in total is 5 meter square). Blackbody tells us that the OLEDs are driven at 1,500cd/m2, and the color temperature is between 2500K to 2900K - they say that the temperature isn't uniform and it creates a nice diversity of whites. This specific I.RAIN seems to have the OLEDs at more or less the same height, unlike other installations (shown in the images below).

These are very expensive lamps, of course, and the cost is about €50,000. Every I.RAIN is designed specifically for the installation and the price changes for each one.



I think interactive OLED

I think interactive OLED assembly was done by Philips 2 years ago, and now they even do it larger and in 3D.

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