Apple to invest in LG Display's OLED business to secure capacity?

Jul 03, 2017

The Korea Herald reports that Apple is in talks with LG Display to invest 2-3 trillion Won ($1.7-$2.6 billion USD) in LG's OLED production lines, in order to exclusively reserve some of LG's flexible OLED capacity.

LG Display 5.5'' flexible AMOLED panel (SID 2015)

The report says that the two firms already agreed on these investment plans, but the details (which includes the investment size and timing) have not been finalized yet. A couple of month ago we heard reports (originating from another Korean news outlet, Business Korea) that LGD is in talks with Apple.

Digitimes: SDC will only be able to supply 3-4 million flexible OLEDs to Apple upon the iPhone 8 launch

Jun 28, 2017

Digitimes reports that Apple will only be able to ship a very limited number of OLED iPhones following the expected launch in September, as SDC's capacity will be limited to about 3-4 million flexible OLED displays.

iPhone 7 photo

Apple goal is to ship 50-60 million OLED iPhones in 2017, and have signed a supply agreement with SDC to supply these displays (some estimate that SDC promised to ship 80 million OLEDs in 2017 alone). But SDC still struggles with low yields for these specific OLED displays and will not be able to produce so many displays in time.

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ETNews: SDC to start producing flexible OLEDs for Apple within a few weeks

Jun 07, 2017

ETNews reports that Samsung Display is expected to initiate flexible OLED production for Apple's first OLED iPhone later this month. Apple recently approved the prototype panels, and Samsung is getting ready to increase its production rate.

SDC will ship over 10 million flexible OLEDs to Apple every month, as Apple ordered over 80 million OLEDs for 2017 alone. According to ETNews, Apple will not bend the flexible OLED - the iPhone's display will be flat.

Samsung Display to supply 180 million flexible OLED panels for the 2018 iPhone 9

May 23, 2017

According to the Korea Herald, Samsung Display has signed an agreement with Apple to supply flexible OLEDs for Apple's iPhone 9, due out in late 2018. The Korea Herald says that Apple will launch two iPhone 9 OLED models - with display sizes of 5.28" and 6.46". Of course the final display size is subject to change as the design of the iPhone 9 is not final yet.

iPhone 7 photo

SDC's total OLED shipments to Apple in 2018 will reach 180 million units, and Samsung will dedicate one of its upcoming flexible OLED fabs exclusively for Apple's displays.

Apple wants LGD to supply it with flexible OLEDs starting in 2018

Apr 17, 2017

Apple is moving forward with its 2017 flexible OLED phones, and the company has to rely exclusively on Samsung Display as SDC is the only OLED maker capable to produce the capacity Apple needs and the quality flexible OLEDs.

LG Display 5.5'' flexible AMOLED panel (SID 2015)

But in 2018 LGD is also planning to ramp up its flexible OLED capacity, and according to a new report from Business Korea LGD was approached by Apple with an aim to secure LG's capacity for Apple's 2018 phones. LGD reportedly did not yet make a decision - which will have to be made at the end of June once its new Flexible OLED fab comes online.

Will Apple be forced to delay the launch of its OLED iPhone due to flexible OLED production issues?

Apr 06, 2017

A report in China's Economic Daily News suggests that technical issues related to the curved OLED production and the 3D sensing system may force Apple to delay the launch of its OLED iPhone.

iPhone 7 photo

Apple has reportedly decided to adopt a flexible OLED display in its 2017 iPhone 8 (or will it be a >$1000 iPhone X?) and yesterday it was claimed that Apple placed an order for 70 million such displays from Samsung Display. Interestingly in February 2017 TrendForce said that Apple decided to use a rigid glass-based OLED as it was not happy with production yields and drop-test results of SDC's flexible OLEDs.

Nikkei Asian Review: Apple ordered 70 million flexible OLED displays from SDC for the first OLED iPhone

Apr 04, 2017

The Nikkei Asian Review says that its sources claim that Apple ordered 70 million 5.2" flexible OLED displays for its first OLED iPhone, that will be launched by the end of 2017. IHS estimates that SDC actually plant to produce 95 million OLEDs for Apple in 2017 as it expects higher demand from Apple.

This report follows several reports of Apple's OLED orders in the past years. In 2016 it was suggested that Apple paid $4.3 billion upfront to secure 100 million panels, and in February 2017 it was reported that Apple ordered an extra 60 million OLED panels from Samsung Display.

Will Apple start pilot Micro-LED production by the end of the year?

Apr 02, 2017

An IDC Analyst estimates that Apple will start low-volume Micro-LED production in its plant in Taoyuan, Taiwan, by the end of 2017. Mass production will begin in 2018 with an aim to use these displays in future smart watch devices.

Apple Watch (metal) photo

Apple acquired Micro-LED developer LuxVue in May 2014 and has not updated on the technology since, so this is all speculation at this stage. In 2016 Oculus acquired InfiniLED, another Micro-LED startup. Sony is also developing Micro-LED displays.

TrendForce: Apple decided not to use a flexible OLED in next iPhone

Feb 22, 2017

Countless reports claim that the 2017 iPhone 8 (or will it be a >$1000 iPhone X?) will use AMOLED displays for at least one variant. Most of these reports suggested that Apple want to use a flexible curved AMOLED display.

iPhone 7 photo

TrendForce, following talks to supply chain sources, now says that Apple was not happy with the production yields and drop-test results of those flexible OLEDs, and the company decided to adopt a flat display (with rounded edges, what is called 2.5D glass). This design is similar to the one used in current iPhone models.

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