Apple acquires LuxVue, a micro-LED display developer

There are reports that Apple acquired private stealth company LuxVue Technology. LuxVue is developing a micro-LED based display. The company raised $43 million in VC money.

There's very little information available about LuxVue or its technology. And obviously we don't know anything about Apple's plans for this technology.

Back in January 2012, Sony unveiled a new technology called Crystal-LED which uses ultra-fine RGB LEDs to create a self-emitting display. Sony showed a prototype 55" Full-HD TV (six-million LEDs). Sony said that this technology enables displays that feature a better contrast, color gamut and response time compare dto LED-backlit LCDs. The technology was never commercialized though. It may be that LuxVue technology is similar but for microdisplays.

Source: TechCrunch


Posted: May 04,2014 by Ron Mertens