Crystal LED, a new self-emitting LED TV technology from Sony

Sony announced that they are developing a new display technology called Crystal-LED. Crystal-LED uses ultra-fine RGB LEDs to create a self-emitting display - basically this is similar to OLEDs, but with in-organic LEDs. Sony actually unveiled a prototype 55" Full-HD TV panel at CES 2012:

Crystal LED prototype

The TV uses over six-million LEDs and, compared to existing Sony LCD and Plasma displays features a higher contrast ratio (about 3.5 times higher), wider color gamut (about 1.4 times) and faster response time (10 times faster). It should also be more efficient, but this will depend on the image shown (just like in OLEDs).

Sony says that they will continue to develop the Crystal LED technology and will work to bring this to market - in parallel to its continued development and commercialization OLED displays.

Posted: Jan 10,2012 by Ron Mertens


This may be the end of OLED displays