Applied Materials' financial results for Q4 2015 were better than expected, and the company also issued a strong guidance going forward. In their display business segment, the company sees accelerated strategic investment from customers - particularly for OLED displays.

Applied Materials PECVD chamber photo

In 2015, the company's OLED system bookings reached $150 million. Applied traditionally offered backplane (LTPS and IGZO) deposition systems, and the company recently entered the OLED encapsulation market as well - which is seen as a growth driver for Applied.

In the last few months we hear very positive reports from OLED equipment makers as display makers rush to construct new OLED fabs and expand production, mostly for flexible displays, it seems.

In January Coherent reported large orders for its ELA systems used in OLED LTPS production. Colnatec announced large orders for its temperature control systems for a new large OLED deposition system destined for China, and Sunic Systems sold a Gen-6 deposition system to LG Display, to be deployed at the company's upcoming Gen-6 flexible OLED fab.

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