Is Sony set to announce its first OLED TV soon, using LGD's panels?

According to an interesting story at Forbes, Sony may announce an OLED TV lineup at CES 2017 (in a month's time). The company may have already done so at a private event in the UK, but at CES it will do so (according to the speculation, at least) in public.

Sony 56-inch 4K OLED TV prototypeSony 56-inch 4K OLED TV prototype - 2013

Sony will be using panels produced by LGD. Sony is actually producing its own large-size AMOLED panels, but only for its professional monitor range. Sony had a consumer OLED TV program, and used to collaborate with Panasonic on that, but that JV was cancelled in 2013. Since then Sony's TV unit produced and demonstrated several high-end LCDs using innovative technology in an effort to match LG's OLED TV performance.

Sony currently offers several professional monitors in several sizes (from 7.4" to 30") and in several series. Sony's OLED monitors provide a superior image quality compared to LCDs, and the cost difference is not so large because in these premium products the cost of the panel itself is a small portion of the total product cost. Sony already sold over 15,000 professional OLED monitors, and their latest monitor is the 30" 4K BVM-X300.

LGD's involvement with Sony was reported back in 2013, but was never confirmed - although the company did admit it is in talks with "Japanese TV makers" in 2015. Panasonic released its first OLED TV, the 65" curved 4K TX-65CZ950, in 2015, and in September 2106 the company revealed a 2nd-generation "reference" OLED TV prototype. Both OLED TVs use WRGB panels produced by LG Display.

Posted: Dec 05,2016 by Ron Mertens


Hi guyz.I work in mobile section with almost no info on Tvs and displays.can Sony order custom panels or will they be standard panels sold to all other manufacturers?

Sony will buy those OLED panels from LGD... to use in TVs. If you want bare OLED panels, you will have to talk to LGD (and perhaps BOE Display, too, as they are now starting to offer panels as well).