Sony launches a 30" 4K professional OLED monitor

In April 2013 Sony showed a prototype 30" 4K OLED panels at NAB 2013, promising to release them in 2014. Now the company officially launched this professional OLED monitor product, while shipments will begin in February 2015. Price is not determined yet, but it'll sure be expensive...

Sony's BVM-X300 is Sony's flagship professional monitor. Besides the 30" 4K (4096x2016) OLED panel (produced by Sony), it features a high dynamic range, wide viewing angles, quick response and high contrast. The BMV-X300 can display 4K, 2K, UHD and HD formats and supports wide color gamut standards.

Posted: Oct 03,2014 by Ron Mertens


With DP 1.3 and 200Hz (or more) refresh rate, could be great for FPS gaming. With such high speed, g-sync and adaptive sync are unnecessary. And of course image quality rocks.

I'm guessing this will be horribly expensive for gaming (cost will probably be over $30,000 - which was the cost of Sony's flagship 24.5" OLED monitor two years ago).

Ron do you know what type  OLED emitters the Sony Trimaster EL OLEDs Super top emission Panels use. They look thick and clunky like the 11" XEL-1 TV , that used Flourecent OLED emitters . The XEL-1 had to employ heat sinks and insulation for the heat the emitters produced????

I don't know pholedphan...