LG Display - we're in talks with Japanese TV makers to supply OLED panels

LG Display's CEO, Han Sang-beom, says that the company is in talks with Japanese TV makers for the supply of OLED TV panels. Han says that the Japanese companies are "very much interested in OLED panels".

Last week LG Display finally launched their first OLED TV, the 55" 55EM9700 - which costs around $10,000 in Korea and $12,000 in the US (will start shipping in March). LG capacity is still very low so it seems strange that they will be able to supply other companies besides LGE. Still it seems that even though LG plans to invest heavily in OLED TV production in 2013, a commitment from another maker for OLED panels will make LGD more confident in its OLED investment.


Han wouldn't say which Japanese companies they're in talks with. Back in February 2012 it was reported that LGD is talking to Sony about OLED panel supply. Sony has unveiled their own 56" 4K OLED prototype (made in collaboration with AUO) - but it may take a while for Sony to bring this to market, and in the meantime they will perhaps use LGD's panels. Han actually said they are in talks with several TV makers - so it's not just Sony, it may also be Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi and Sharp.

Posted: Jan 08,2013 by Ron Mertens