Sony: we haven't reached LCD's full potential, introduces Backlight Master Drive tech

Sony canceled their OLED TV JV with Panasonic back in 2013, and since then the company is still developing OLED technologies, and is reportedly in talks with LGD to supply OLED panels - but currently the company is focused on LCD TVs. Sony says that they "haven't reached the full potential of LCDs".

Sony Backlight Master Drive at CES 2016 booth

At CES, Sony introduced a new technology that they call Backlight Master Drive (BMD) - which is a new backlighting system that improves the color and brightness of LCDs - and also enables LCDs to better support HDR content. BMD TVs can go up to 4,000 nits (!) - and special "software algorithms and intelligent local dimming" help improve contrast. Sony is specifically trying to compete with the image quality of LG's new OLED TVs.

Sony is still "a few years away" from maturing and commercializing this technology. It'll be interesting to see if Sony actually manages to manufacture BMD TVs in the future (some Sony technologies never saw the light of day) - and whether this will be good enough to indeed compete with OLEDs.

Posted: Jan 11,2016 by Ron Mertens


My goodness, can you believe it? All the new OLED products

from monitors to autos to lighting. It's finally here! 2016, the year of the OLED. Its been years of long journey getting here too... But one company just can't completely move on. Unbeleviable.

We never reached the full potential of CRT`s also... should we go back and milk it some more?

Also, every technology ever... has been replaced before it can "reach its full potential"... cuz there is no upper limit.

Ill be sure to never buy anything of Sony anymore. 

ill never buy anything from Samsung and LG, especially from Samsung (got micowave and fridge).

Sony will make CrystalLED with LCD coating and every OLED from LG will be destroyed.

Samsung stole plasma tech from Pioneer, LG sue SONY over bluray patent. Goodbye my money.