Sony is not ruling out buying OLED TV panels from LGD, has no plans for their own factory

Since early in 2013, we've been hearing reports that Sony (and Panasonic) are talking to LG Display about buying OLED TV panels. Today, Sony's TV chief Immamura said that he "can't say Sony wouldn't use OLED technology" in their TVs. He would not say whether LG Display will indeed be Sony's OLED TV supplier, but there isn't any other option really as LGD is the only company offering OLED TV panels.

Sony 56-inch 4K OLED TV prototype

Immamura did say that Sony has no current plans to invest in any OLED (or LCD) factory. Sony's OLED TV joint venture with Panasonic was cancelled in December 2013. And since then it was reported that Sony is withdrawing from the OLED market, but this was later denied by Sony.

Posted: Jun 30,2014 by Ron Mertens


why buying panels from LGD? have sony bought any panels to produce their monitors? just imagine what happens, when sony instead cut 4 24.5 inch fullhd panels but use the 49 inch 4k panel to produce a qualia tv

Sony's production line is very small (and it's also fully utilized at the moment). While they can make a handful of large-area panels, these will be very expensive and the volume will be very limited.

if i am correct sony`s OLED panel manufacturing start on sony mobile display plant (now it`s japan display inc) so is theire any other plant ? ,and what happend to theire flexible display project ?? do you know anything ?

No, Sony has their own small OLED production plant, it is not part of JDI. You can read more about it here. We haven't heard any news regarding Sony's flexible OLEDs for a long time.

hmm...i am a sony fan and i search a lot for sony R&d centre(for CLED,OLED,eco system they talk about in 2011),tv manufacturing but seems they are top secret