There are reports that Samsung plans to introduce new 7" AMOLED displays later this year. According to these reports Samsung's new AMOLED displays will feature 1024x768 - and be used by Samsung Electronics in new Tablets, released towards the end of 2011.

A 7-inch Super AMOLED prototypeA 7-inch Super AMOLED prototype

But in the same article they say that Samsung aims to introduce Full-HD tablets as well. Perhaps the new 7" panels will offer 720P HD resolution (1280×720)? This makes sense as the pixel density for such a display is about 180ppi - which is achievable in Super AMOLED Plus displays. In fact this may be the Super AMOLED HD display we keep hearing about lately...



no amoled tablet

Didn't Samsung say there would be no amoled tablets this year?

then of course this

If anything, any galaxy tab 7 at IFA would probably be a prototype with a production model due at CES 2011, if even that early. Would be nice to have a tab with oled, but who knows what Sammie is planning.

We don't know what Samsung is

We don't know what Samsung is planning. Even if they said "no AMOLED tablet in 2011" back in April, this might have changed now. I guess we'll have to wait till September to know for sure.

Indeed, perhaps the large

Indeed, perhaps the large number of galaxy s2 phones sold might have changed samsung's mind about a tablet with oled, plus with android 3.2 is out for smaller tablet screens.

I have used the larger 10.1 tablet and it is a bit big and having used the 7 inch tab, it is a much better size and much more portable.

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