Sony denies pulling out of the OLED TV market

Yesterday it was reported that Sony decided to pull out of the consumer OLED TV market, to focus on UHD LCDs. According to UK's What-HiFi magazine, Sony sent them a statement denied that report.

Sony 56-inch 4K OLED TV prototypeSony 56-inch 4K OLED TV prototype

Sony's statement reads: "Sony has made no announcement in this regard. Sony continues developing and looking into reliable ways to mass produce OLED displays for consumers while continuing to build experience via providing OLED displays for professional, medical and broadcast use."

Last year Sony and Panasonic canceled their OLED TV joint-development effort. Back then Sony said they will continue to develop OLED technologies independently. Sony has been developing OLEDs for a very long time, for both the consumer and professional market. It's not clear what the situation is at the moment. It seems to me that Sony is not going to invest in OLED production in the near future, but it is still retaining some R&D activities (probably mostly towards OLED production processes).

It seems though that at this stage, to actually enter the market and produce panels will be a very big investment for Sony. On the other hand, if the OLED TV market takes off in 2-3 years, the company that do not invest today may be left behind. This is not an easy decision for Sony at the moment - should they sacrifice the (possible) future or the present?

Posted: May 14,2014 by Ron Mertens


well, as far as i know, sony has already decide to lauch one 49" qualia OLED TV with 4k resolution in the near future, which is probably the next year. yes, just as some people might have thought, it is the same panel that's used on their bvm/pvm monitors. and, of course, this qualia tv will be equiped with all the tech of a pvm monitor and better designed look. and to be more specific, the resolution is more like 3840*2400 instead of 3840*2160. at least, thats what i know about the prototype. 


actually sony is already mass producing micro oled panels, and will upgrade the current product-line very soon.


beside all these, we all know sony has been producing professional monitors for quite some time, who else, besides sony itself, could provide it with oled panels that reach the professional requirements of sony?