Reports suggest Japanese TV makers may enter the OLED TV market using LGD panels

Korean news site ETNews reports that Japanese makers (Sony and Panasonic, specifically) are negotiating OLED TV panel supply deals with LG Display. Both companies aim to develop picture quality improvement algorithms in house and aim to release the TVs by the end of 2014.

Sony and Panasonic halted their OLED TV joint development project in December 2013. While it was reported that both companies are still developing OLED TV technologies, it seems that if they want to enter the OLED TV market, they will have to buy the panels, and currently LG Display is the only maker with the capacity to actually supply such panels.

The reports also suggest the Samsung Display started to prepare again for OLED TV mass production as the Korean company feels that the OLED TV market is starting to emerge and they do not want to lag behind LG. Reportedly Samsung are increasing their orders for materials needed for OLED TV production.

LG Display was actually already in talks with Japanese companies regarding an OLED TV panel supply deal back in January 2013, but that never materialised. Perhaps now they will strike a deal. It's more likely to happen towards the end of 2014 indeed when LG's M2 OLED TV fab will start producing panels.

Posted: Apr 24,2014 by Ron Mertens