LG Display: on track for M2 fab in H2 2014, will covert existing LCD lines to OLED production

LG Display reported their financial results for Q1 2014 ($5.3 billion revenues, $90 million operating profit, $80 million net loss) and the company commented that the company still expects the new Gen-8 M2 OLED fab to start production in the second half of 2014 as planned. When the M2 fab will become online, LG Display aims to expand the OLED TV product line-up and will also expand the customer base (currently the company provides OLED TV panels to LG Electronics and Skyworth).

LG Display commented that the LCD industry entered the "slow growth phase", and so going forward, the company will convert existing LCD lines for LTPS and OLED production rather than building new fabs. LGD also says they want to expand their flexible OLED business - although they did not detail what they mean exactly beside saying that they will extend their Plastic OLED product lineup.

LG Display says that if they will be very successful in reducing OLED production costs, they may start targeting the mid-end TV market as well (and not just the high-end one). But, like the company commented, that will take time.

Posted: Apr 24,2014 by Ron Mertens