In the past week (while I was skiing in France with my 2 daughters), several tech blogs reported that Samsung "pulled out of the OLED game altogether" as LG is set to lead the OLED TV market.

While I agree that LG is currently leading the OLED TV market (I have already posted on this in January), it hardly seems as if Samsung abandoned OLED TVs. In fact, the original Korea Herald article (which spurred all those other posts) said that "Samsung is not scheduled to unveil curved OLED TVs this year because of its continued focus on UHD TVs and its low yield rate". While this may be true, it does not mean that the company completely stopped developing OLED TVs.

Back in January, a Samsung executive was quoted saying that OLED manufacturing issues have been more significant than previously though and that cheap OLED TVs are still 3-4 years away. So this isn't news at all, and I simply can't imagine Samsung's withdrawal from the OLED TV market.

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