SID 2012 summary

The premier display industry conference, SID 2012 took place at the beginning of June 2012, and it seems that OLED technology and displays were the focus of this year's show, with Samsung's and LGD's OLED TV units were the hit of the show. I published several blog posts, detailing my updates from SID from all the companies that I visited and met with:

  • Universal Display: new emitter materials, bezel-free transparent panel and more
  • Samsung: 55" OLED TV panels and smaller mobile AMOLED panels
  • LG Display: 55" OLED panels, bullish forecasts
  • eMagin: OLED microdisplays updates
  • RiTdisplay: a-Si based AMOLED production by the end of 2012
  • Ignis Innovation: a-Si compensation technology advances, 20" AMOLED prototypes
  • Quantum Dots: updates from Nanosys and QDVision
  • Novaled: new materials and OLED lighting prototypes
  • Chimei Innolux: AMOLED production in Q4 2012, but very low volume throughout 2013
  • Corning: flexible OLED glass, Lotus glass updates
  • Dupont: new materials and nozzle-printing updates
  • HyeLCD: still making PMOLED panels
  • FDC: flexible OLED displays on show
  • Tianma: AMOLED prototypes, mass production only in 2014
  • Fraunhofer: bi-directional OLED microdisplays
  • OLED-A: OLED market forecasts

My "best of SID" list contains the OLED TVs (from both Samsung and LG), UDC's transparent bezel-free OLED panel, Wexler's flexible e-reader, Mirasol's displays and Ignis' a-Si based AMOLED technology.

Posted: Jul 08,2012 by Ron Mertens