RiTdisplay at SID 2012

RiTdisplay is a PMOLED producer based in Taiwan that has several production lines making PMOLED panels. A few years ago it was considered the world's largest PMOLED maker, although I now hear that due to financial problems the company shut down some of their PMOLED lines (this isn't confirmed though).

At SID 2012, RiTdisplay showed several PMOLED panels, and some 3.5" AMOLED panels. RiTdisplay is Ignis' production partner for its a-Si compensation technology, which basically enables a-Si to be used as a backplane for AMOLED panels (instead of LTPS or Oxide-TFT). This should enable cheaper AMOLEDs. You can read more about this technology at my Ignis-at-SID post.

RiTdisplay was supposed to start producing panels back in June 2011, but that got delayed. The latest updates from Ignis and RiTdisplay is that production will begin before the end of 2012. Hopefully that will happen this time.

RiTdisplay's 1.8'' full color PMOLED photo

According to the RiTdisplay's employees I met in the booth, they can produce the AMOLED panels in their regular PMOLED production lines, but they are planning a dedicated AMOLED line. The company is already in talks with a Chinese mobile phone maker, and if this deal will go through they will begin production. The company is also developing Oxide-TFT backplanes, but this is a longer term project.

RiTdisplay 1'' full-color PMOLED photo

I have to say that those 3.5" AMOLEDs looked very good. RiTdisplay (again, according to the employees at the booth) is using red and green phosphorescent emitters (UDC's PHOLED materials) and a blue fluorescent one. RiTdisplay also produced some 20" AMOLED panels for Ignis, but they didn't show that at the booth (probably because the first batch included some defects). You can see those 20" prototypes in the video below from Ignis' booth:

The PMOLED panels on show included a 1" 96x64 full-color panel, a 1.8" 160x128 full-color panel and a 2.4" 128x64 yellow panel.

RiTdisplay 2.4'' yellow PMOLED photo

Posted: Jun 16,2012 by Ron Mertens