Just before SID, the Flexible Display Center (FDC) at Arizona State University (ASU) announced that they managed to fabricate the world's largest (7.4") flexible (bendable) OLED using Mixed-Oxide TFTs. Those MO-TFTs deliver high performance (fast switching speeds and reduced power consumption), are quite cost-effective and can be produced on existing a-Si production lines. The FDC demonstrated this panel at SID.

This OLED panel was developed with funding from the US Army features 480x360 (81 ppi) resolution, has an Oxide-TFT (IGZO) backplane and is built on a PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) substrate. It was developed in collaboration with Universal Display, DuPont (Teijin film), Sunic and Henkel.

FDC 7.4'' flexible OLED prototype photoFDC's 7.4'' flexible OLED spec

The 7.4" panel on show had a lot of defects, it was very reflective and the colors were's very impressive. Also it seems the lifetime is problematic as they only activated it on request, most of the time it was shut down. Still - it's the world's largest flexible OLED to date and that's a major achievement.

The FDC showed a second flexible OLED at SID: a 4.3" monochrome (green) panel that features 320x240 resolution. This was also developed with help from the US Army, and it was displayed as a wearable OLED (sewn on a uniform).

4.1'' flexible OLED prototype by FDC photoFDC 4.1'' monochrome flexible OLED spec
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