Samsung shows us what's possible with a transparent flexible AMOLED

Samsung Mobile Display produced a short Video (in Korean) showing a transparent, flexible 3D AMOLED display based tablet. This is obviously just a concept device, and it'll take years before they'll be able to commercialize something like that, but it's still cool:

Flexible OLEDs are still not available, but Samsung does plan to start producing these in 2012. The first screens will probably not be bendable ones, but Samsung will be able to produce them on curved surfaces. Several other companies (including Sony, AUO, LG, HP, Toshiba, TDK and others) are working towards flexible OLEDs. This technology is exciting device makers, too - check out Nokia's Kinetic prototype - a completely flexible mobile phone. Apple is also interested in such displays.

Transparent OLEDs have been commercialized already actually - TDK is producing 2.4" PMOLED screens, and the first product to use them is Lenovo's S-800 phone. But these rigid and simple displays are a far cry from what Samsung shows us in this concept...

Posted: Dec 05,2011 by Ron Mertens