Toshiba shows an ultra-thin flexible 3" OLED display prototype

Update: We have some info and a new photo of Toshiba's flexible OLED prototype. See below.

Toshiba is showing an ultra thin (0.1mm) 3" flexible OLED panel prototype (160x120) that weights just one gram. The OLED is built using an oxide semiconductor TFT (IGZO) unto a plastic substrate. Toshiba says that they will be able to start producing displays based on this production method by 2014 or 2015.

Toshiba flexible OLED prototype

Toshiba's OLED uses white OLED material with color filters. The architecture is bottom-emission. Toshiba says that the managed to lower the process temperature to 200°C, and so were able to use the plastic substrate.

That's interesting news as the latest news from Toshiba Mobile Displays was that they have scrapped their OLED display plans (but continue to work on OLED lighting panels). So perhaps this is another company within Toshiba, and in any case it's currently just a research program.

Posted: May 18,2011 by Ron Mertens