Toshiba shows transparent and wirelessly-powered OLED lighting panels

Toshiba unveiled two new OLED lighting panels at Japan's Lighting Fair 2013. The first one is a wirelessly-powered OLED (using an electromagnetic induction-type wireless power transmission technology). They showed an installation that uses these, and the idea is that the user can freely move the panels around without any cables:

The second panels are transparent and Toshiba says that they implemented a unique device structure that emits most of the light (over 95%) in only one direction - which saves light and power in some installations.

We first heard about Toshiba's OLED lighting plan back in 2010, but then the company said they will only do R&D in OLED lighting manufacturing equipment. In May 2011 Toshiba produced 100 OLED based portable lamps and distributed them to quake-hit areas in Japan. Toshiba produced the panels using OLED materials and technology donated by Universal Display.

In June 2012 Toshiba unveiled efficient (91 lm/W) OLED lighting prototypes saying that they hope to start selling their OLED lighting panels by early 2015.

Posted: Mar 10,2013 by Ron Mertens