Toshiba to commercialize OLED lighting panels by early 2015

Toshiba held an R&D open house at its Tokyo Headquarters, showing up a few future projects. One of them is OLED lighting. Toshiba unveiled prototype panels that are very efficient at 91 lm/W (@1000 cd/m2). Toshiba hopes to start selling their OLED lighting panels by early 2015.

Back in 2010 it was reported that Toshiba (or TMDisplay, really) is scrapping plans for OLED displays, but will continue to do R&D in OLED lighting manufacturing equipment. In May 2011 Toshiba produced 100 OLED based portable lamps and distributed them to quake-hit areas in Japan. Toshiba produced those panels, and Universal Display donated OLED materials and technology for those lamps. It's highly likely that Toshiba is using phosphorescent materials in their new lamp (getting to 91 lm/W with a fluorescent-only design is highly unlikely).

Posted: Jul 21,2012 by Ron Mertens


Do we have any more information on this? 91 lm/W for a thin form factor OLED lighting panel would be a world record by a VERY long way. For example, KM/Philips provide all-phosphorescent panels that are around 50 lm/W. UDC has demonstrated 70 lm/W panels, but with greater thickness.