Details and image of AUO's prototype 4" flexible OLED panel

Last week we reported that AUO plans to unveil a new 4" flexible OLED prototype, and today we have a photo and some details of this new panel. It turns out that this bottom-emitting panel is only 0.3mm thick, and it offers a resolution of 240x320. It can be bent with a curvature radius of 10mm.

AUO flexible OLED prototype (2011)

To create this display, AUO formed a resin substrate on a glass substrate and formed the driver elements and OLED elements on it. Then, the glass substrate and the resin substrate were separated. The driver is based on amorphous IGZO (InGaZnO) TFTs, formed in a vacuum process.

Posted: Nov 01,2011 by Ron Mertens