There's an interesting article over at the LATimes about HP's flexible display research. HP has been showing flexible e-paper prototypes for quite a while, and they say they expect to deliver a prototype to the US army by year's end. Carl Taussig, director of advanced display research at HP Labs in Palo Alto, reveals that the company is also working on flexible OLEDs. Flexible E Ink is closer to commercialization - but it is monochrome and not suited for videos, and that's why HP is also looking at OLEDs.

HP flexible E Ink displayHP's Flexible E Ink display

In October 2010, Universal Display (together with LG and L-3) announced that they delivered 8 flexible wrist-mounted OLED displays for the US Army. These are 4.3" QVGA full-color OLEDs, made on a amorphous-Silicon (a-Si) TFT, fabricated by LG Display.

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