JOLED starts sampling printed OLED panels at its 5.5-Gen Nomi site

JOLED announced that it has started sampling inkjet-printed OLED display panels in its 5.5-Gen (1300x1500 mm) production line in Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. Mass production is planned for 2020.

JOLED will market these medium-sized (10-32 inch) panels for use in applications such as high-end monitors, medical monitors and the automotive market. The Nomi site will have a monthly production of 20,000 substrates.

JOLED started to build the Nomi site in July 2018. It has since raised $400 million from Denso, Toyota Tsusho, Sumitomo Chemical and Screen Holdings. It also raised $228 million to build a module assembly factory in Chiba. In December 2018 JOLED unveiled new display prototypes at FineTech Japan - including flexible 12" automotive panels, 21.6" monitor OLEDs, 27" 4K "Home Display", a 55" 4k OLED TV panels, flexible train or metro signage displays and more

In March 2019 Asus finally started shipping its ProArt PQ22UC 21.6" 4K ultra-portable OLED monitor - which is the first device to sport JOLED's panels. The price of this monitor is around $5,000. EIZO's limited edition NOVA monitor also uses JOLED's 21.6" 4K OLEDs.

Posted: Nov 25,2019 by Ron Mertens