JOLED raises $228 million to build a module production line in Chiba by 2020

JOLED announced that it has raised 25.5 billion Yen (around $228 million USD) from INCJ, Sony and Nissha. JOLED also announced that it has started to build post-processing module production lines at its Mobara, Chiba prefecture, plant. Nissha will also collaborate with JOLED in the area of OLED touch sensors.

JOLED's printed OLED displays will be produced at the company's Nomi plant. JOLED currently uses a pilot 4.5-Gen line at Nomi, but the company has already announced plans for a new mass production 5.5-Gen line in Nomi by 2020.

The module production capacity at JOLED's upcoming Chiba site will be around 220,000 displays per month - and it is scheduled to start operations in 2020, simultaneously with the 5.5-Gen line at the Nomi Site. JOLED will focus on medium-sized OLED panels (10 to 32 inch in size) for monitors, automotives and more.

JOLED Nomi OLED fab photo

Last month Asus finally started shipping its ProArt PQ22UC 21.6" 4K ultra-portable OLED monitor. The price in the UK is for £4,529 (!) which would make the US price at around $5,000. The OLED panels for this monitor are produced at JOLED's 4.5-Gen pilot line in Nomi.

In December 2018 JOLED unveiled new display prototypes at FineTech Japan - including flexible 12" automotive panels, 21.6" monitor OLEDs, 27" 4K "Home Display", a 55" 4k OLED TV panels, flexible train or metro signage displays and more.

JOLED 21.6'' Metro OLED signage prototype (FineTech Japan 2018)

In August 2018 JOLED raised around $400 million from four new investors - auto parts maker Denso ($270 million), major trading house Toyota Tsusho ($90 million) and Sumitomo Chemical and Screen Holdings. Later in August, JOLED announced that it has signed an agreement to develop, manufacture, and sell printing equipment together with Panasonic and Screen Finetech.

Posted: Apr 08,2019 by Ron Mertens