Here are JOLED's new OLED display prototypes

Japan-based printed OLED developer JOLED demonstrated several new OLED displays at Finetech Japan last week. We already posted on these new OLEDs, and now we have photos of the new panels.

JOLED 55'' OLED TV prototype (FineTech Japan 2018)

So first up is JOLED's first OLED TV panel. The 55" 4K (3840x2160, 80 PPI) panel offers a 120Hz refresh rate and a color gamut of 100% DCI (135% sRGB) and is printed on JOLED's Transparent Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor (TAOS) backplane.


Last month JOLED told us that it has no plans to produce large size OLEDs at this stage - and this TV is on display just to demonstrate JOLED's printing technology.

JOLED Automotive OLED prototypes (FineTech Japan 2018)

Next we have JOLED's new Automotive OLED displays. JOLED is showing two panels, a 12.3" 1920x720 (167 PPI) panel and a 12.2" 1920x1280 (180 PPI) panel. Both are printed on LTPS backplanes (as do the rest of the company's small and medium sized panels). JOLED's latest investors, Denso and Toyoto Tsusho, are both helping the company with its entry into the automotive display market.

JOLED medical and ASUS OLED monitor prototype (FineTech Japan 2018)

Above you can see JOLED's medical monitors (21.6", 1920x1080 resolution). In the same photo you can also see the 21.6" 4K ASUS ProArt PQ22UC (which, JOLED says, will finally be released soon).

JOLED 21.6'' gaming monitor prototype (FineTech Japan 2018)

And here's JOLED's 21.6" 1920x1080 gaming "eSports" monitor developed with Burning Core.

JOLED 21.6'' Metro OLED signage prototype (FineTech Japan 2018)

One of the applications JOLED sees for its flexible OLEDs is train/metro signage. For this application JOLED demonstrates a 21.6" 4K (204 PPI) panel that has a curvature radius of 200 mm (and weighs just 162 grams).

JOLED 27'' Smart Home OLED prototype (FineTech Japan 2018)

JOLED also demonstrates a larger 27" 4K panels (164 PPI) that they see being adopted in smart home applications.

JOLED Column OLED prototype (FineTech Japan 2018)

Finally JOLED demonstrated one of its flexible OLEDs wrapped around a column. This is a 21.6" 4K (204 PPI) AMOLED that has a curvature radius of 60 mm.

In December 2017 JOLED started commercial low-volume production of its 21.6" 4K OLED panels, at the company's pilot 4.5-Gen line. JOLED has announced plans for a mass production 5.5-Gen line that will be established in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture, by 2020.

In August 2018 JOLED raised around $400 million from four new investors - auto parts maker Denso ($270 million), major trading house Toyota Tsusho ($90 million) and Sumitomo Chemical and Screen Holdings. Later in August, JOLED announced that it has signed an agreement to develop, manufacture, and sell printing equipment together with Panasonic and Screen Finetech.

Update: we now have a video that shows JOLED's new OLEDs:

Posted: Dec 11,2018 by Ron Mertens


I'm the most excited about the eSports OLED. I'm hoping it is 120Hz combined with a low-persistence & low-lag rolling-scan -- similar to how the VR OLEDs works.

Super bummed the gaming OLED isn't at 1440p; makes much more sense + easy to then an ultrawide version of that.

Same.  I wad really hoping for a 1440p 144hz display.  I'm desperate for oled, so maybe I'll check this out, but since the screen size is a little on the small side, the resolution is low, and the refresh may only reach 120hz, might be kept waiting.  If the price is good I might pick one up just because oled, though.  

Someday years from now I hope to buy a 1440p 240hz, 27" oled monitor.  Someday.  :(

the best case is a 29 inches 21:9 aspect ratio with 1440p. i was hoping for more versatile choices but i assume production cost and marketing risk are holding manufacturer back to see how the market respond

How amazing would a 24 inch 60Hz 1080p OLED monitor be? It'd be amazing!How about a 28 inch 90Hz 1440p OLED monitor? 32 inch 4K 120Hz. These would all SELL SO WELL. Manufacturers please don't wait.