JOLED, Panasonic and Screen Finetech to co-develop and sale OLED printing equipment

JOLED announced today that it signed an agreement with Screen Finetech Solutions and Panasonic Production Engineering to co-develop, manufacture and sale printing equipment for large-area OLED production (mostly OLED TVs).

JOLED 4K prototype OLED Monitor (July 2017, Japan)

The three companies aim to quickly commercialize a new business that will be based on JOLED's manufacturing technology. JOLED plans to license its inkjet printing technology to OLED makers. JOLED has been developing its technology in collaboration with Panasonic since its founding in 2015. JOLED's technology was originally developed in Panasonic at around 2006.

Under the new collaboration, Panasonic will handle the design and development of printing equipment, while SCREEN Finetech will manufacture the printing equipment under license to Panasonic Production Engineering, and will sell it and provide maintenance and other services together with JOLED.

Towards the end of 2017, JOLED started commercial production of its 21.6" 4K OLED panels. JOLED's mass production line will be established in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture. The capacity of the new fab will be 20,000 monthly 5.5-Gen (1300x1500 mm) substrates and the plan is to begin mass production in 2020.

JOLED has recently raised around $400 million - from auto parts maker Denso ($270 million), major trading house Toyota Tsusho ($90 million), Sumitomo Chemical and Screen Holdings - JOLED's new partner.

For more information on JOLED's technology click here.

Posted: Aug 23,2018 by Ron Mertens