ASUS finally starts shipping its ProArt PQ22UC 21.6" 4K printed OLED monitor

In early 2018 ASUS announced the Asus ProArt PQ22UC- a 21.6" 4K (204 PPI) ultra-portable OLED monitor, and now the company finally started shipping the new device - starting in the UK where the price is set at for £4,529 (!) which would make the US price at around $5,000.

The OLED display in ASUS' monitor produced using an ink-jet printing process by JOLED - which would make this the world's first ink-jet printed OLED product. JOLED's production capacity is not large, the company is still using a pilot-scale line, but it's likely that Asus is not expecting to sell many units of this high-end OLED monitor with that price tag...

For more information on JOLED's technology click here.

Posted: Mar 24,2019 by Ron Mertens


The first polymer OLED display in application was the Razor Philishave Sensotech HQ8894 from Philips in 2002.

There were several products with polymer OLED (P-LED) displays, this is true, but I am not sure if these were printed using an ink-jet printing process?

As much as I like this to be true, it isn't!

The OLED monitor we are taking above is shipping in 1-2 months from now?

As I have seen it in the past, it may take longer.

So better say is not shipping until is actually is.

Just to confirm, yes, several layers of the the small early P-LED displays were inkjet printed. Phillips had its own pilot line in the Netherlands. It's a wonderful place to visit for some OLED history.