A few years ago, lifetime was the biggest issue with OLEDs, but it seems companies are showing very rapid advances. Dupont announced today that they developed new (third Generation) printable, solution process OLED materials.

The Green Gen3 material has over one million hours lifetime (that's over 100 years of constant use!) with 25 cd/A efficiency. The color coordinates are 0.26, 0.65. 

The light-blue Gen 3 (color coordinates 0.14, 0.12) has 38,000 hours from 1000 cd/m2, efficiency of 6.0 cd/A, and a lifetime of 38,000 hours. A deeper blue (color coordinates 0.14, 0.08) was developed with 7,000 hours. Due to its deep blue color, the lifetime of this material at the luminance required for a 200 cd/m2 display is calculated to be approximately 41,000 hours. 

The Gen-3 red has a lifetime of 62,000 hours, current efficiency of 13 cd/A, and color coordinates (0.68, 0.32). 

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