CSoT details its OLED ink-jet printing plans, collaborates with Kateeva, Sumitomo, Merck, DuPont and Tianma

Last month CSoT (TCL) announced plans to establish a 11-Gen LCD+OLED TV fab in Shenzhen, China. Details on the OLED part of that fab were not given, but now we have some updates following the company's investor day.

The new fab will use Oxide-TFT backplanes, and it turns out that the OLED part of the fab will also use the 11-Gen substrates (which may be cut for the actual OLED front plane deposition). Out of the entire capacity of 90,000 monthly substrates, the OLED line will use 20,000 substrates. The fab will start mass production in 2021.

The more interesting news is that CSoT is progressing in its ink-jet printing project and the company collaborates with Kateeva, Sumitomo Chemical, Merck, Dupont and Tianma - in addition to University research groups in China. It's not clear if all these groups joined Guangdong Juhua Printing Display Technology which was established in 2016 by CSoT and Tianma.

CSoT believes that ink-jet printing of OLED TVs will be feasible within 3-5 years, which means that it could be used in the new 11-Gen fab, but it is likely that the fab will at least initially use an evaporation-based process.

Posted: Jun 06,2018 by Ron Mertens