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Kateeva logoKateeva was established in 2008 at MIT with an aim to pioneer OLED ink-jet deposition processes.

The company developed innovative inkjet printing equipment, branded as YIELDJet printers. Kateeva started to offer ink-jet based encapsulation systems in 2014, used to protect flexible OLED panels. Kateeva's encapsulation performance is excellent and it was already reported that these systems are used in flexible OLED mass production - and Kateeva claims that it takes a "commanding lead" in the OLED organic thin-film encapsulation (TEF) market.

In 2017 Kateeva formally introduced its inkjet equipment for large-area RGB OLED emitter deposition. Kateeva brands its new line as YIELDJet Explore and these systems are currently targeted for R&D lines and pilot lines.

Kateeva is also developing printers that can deposit quantum dot materials, and according to reports the company's equipment will be used by Samsung to deposit QDs for its QD-OLED TVs.

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7015 Gateway Boulevard
Newark, CA 94560
United States