Kateeva did not yet receive any QD-OLED inkjet printers orders from SDC, and may lose its patent portfolio to its latest investor

In 2020 Kateeva lost Samsung's QD-OLED inkjet printing inkjet printing contact to Korea's Semes, which resulted in massive layoffs including some of Kateeva's executives.

Kateeva YIELDJet TFE system photo

In January 2022 it was reported that Samsung has decided to change course, and rely on Kateeva's inkjet printers in its 2nd QD-OLED production line, as the Semes printers do not perform as well as Samsung hoped.

Kateeva hoped to get the orders in early 2022, and secured a 16 billion Won ($12 million USD) loan from HB Solution, its local partner in Korea. Samsung did not yet issue the orders (it is perhaps still not sure about its own QD-OLED production expansion plans) and HB Solution has now received ownership of Kateeva's IP (273 patents) which will be retained until Kateeva can repay the loan.

Posted: Jul 07,2022 by Ron Mertens