LG Display halts flexible OLED production at its E6 line due to encapsulation equipment glitches

According to a report from Korea, LG Display has halted production at one of its production lines at its E6 production fab, LG's 6-Gen flexible OLED line that commenced production at the end of 2018.

According to the report, the problem lies with LGD's thin film encapsulation equipment - specifically the equipment that deposited the organic particles - which apparently suffers from sub par performance, not good enough for commercial production. LG is using equipment made by its subsidiary LG PRI in the E6-1 line, which is now halted.

LG's E6-2 line at the same fab uses Kateeva's encapsulation ink-jet deposition machines, which apparently performs better than the LG PRI equipment. The in-organic deposition equipment of LG's FaceSeal TFE is deposited using Applied Materials' machines.

LG is hoping to supply Apple with some of its flexible AMOLED iPhones displays, and according to the report aimed to use its E6-1 line for Apple's screens. The performance issues however mean that LG will have to use the E6-2 line with the Kateeva machines.

Posted: Jun 04,2019 by Ron Mertens