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US-based Pixelligent is an advanced materials company that delivers next generation optical materials applications in lighting and displays. For both LED and OLED lighting applications, the company provides materials that significantly increase light output by increasing the refractive index of materials in the device.

Pixelligent has been awarded several OLED projects by the US DoE and is collaborating with OLEDWorks and the ORNL. In August 2015 the company officially launched its PixClear family of light extraction materials for OLED lighting panels.


Pixelligent raised over $85 million, including $45 million in 2022,  $10.4 million in 2016 and $7.6 million in 2018. The company is working with Kateeva to make its materials compatible with OLED inkjet printing processes.

In early 2024, we posted an interview with the company's CEO, Craig Bandes.

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6411 Beckley St.,
Holabird Business Park
Baltimore, MD 21224
United States