Pixelligent launches a family of light extraction materials for OLED lighting panels

US-based Pixelligent has been researching light extraction materials for OLED lighting panels for a long time, and the company now officially announced a new family of OLED lighting products.

The PixClear Zirconia nanocrystal family of high index materials enable revolutionary light extraction and efficiency for a wide variety of OLED Lighting applications. PixClear materials can be incorporated into OLED lighting panels as an internal light extraction and smoothing layer, delivering more than twice the amount of light currently extracted in OLED lighting devices.

The current product line includes two solvent-based and two formulated materials, available both as samples and at commercial scale. Samples can be ordered online at Pixelligent's site - with prices ranging from $300 to $500 per 100 grams.

The solvent dispoersions contain 50% zirconia and are compatible with many polymers, including acrylics, siloxanes and epoxies. PixClear OPA is a nonfunctional material whereas PixClear OPM offers crosslinking capability with acrylates. The two formulated products result in 90% zirconia loading in formulation after UV curing.

Pixelligent has been awarded several OLED projects by the US DoE and is collaborating with OLEDWorks and the ORNL.

Posted: Aug 03,2015 by Ron Mertens