Pixelligent raised $7.6 million, is working with Kateeva to adopt its materials for OLED inkjet printing

US-based high-index material maker Pixelligent Technologies announced it raised $7.6 million in a new funding round that will help the company to further drive its product commercialization and accelerate global customer adoption.

This round was led by the Abell Foundation, and included other Baltimore-based investors. This found also included strategic investments from Kateeva and Japan-based advanced material producer Tokyo Ohka Kogyo.

Pixelligent reveals that it has been working with Kateeva for the past 18 months. Kateeva says that incorporating Pixelligent’s PixClear nanoadditives increases the refractive index of numerous layers inside the OLED display stack which improves the overall performance of OLED displays. Pixelligent says that leading display customers are requesting that its materials be compatible with inkjet manufacturing equipment.

Pixelligent says that in the past year it has dramatically increased its product development efforts in the OLED market and it has increased its manufacturing yields by over 100%. Pixelligent targets its materials for the OLED, display, AR/VR and SSL market. The company raised over $42 million so far (including this round), with the previous $10.4 million round announced in 2016.

Posted: Apr 18,2018 by Ron Mertens