The US DoE awards two new SBIR phase-two OLED projects

The US Department of Energy (DoE) awarded two small-business SBIR Phase-2 projects targeting advances in solid-state lighting technology, and both projects deal with OLED lighting technologies.

The first project, led by Pixelligent Technologies is titled "Advanced Light Extraction Material for OLED Lighting". Pixelligent, in collaboration with OLEDWorks, will demonstrate a new internal light extraction structure for OLED lighting panels, that is fully compatible with current manufacturing processes and operating conditions. The ILE structure is cost-effective and offers a high high refractive index.

This is a continuation of the $150,000 phase-one project awarded to Pixelligent and OLEDWorks in Januryt 2014.

The second recipient is MicroContinuum and the project is titled "R2R Production of Low-Cost Integrated OLED Substrate with Improved Transparent Conductor & Enhanced Light Outcoupling". This project will develop a light outcoupling technology that uses nanoscale features and will also use a substrate with improved barrier properties and a low-cost roll-to-roll manufacturing technology - aimed towards domestic OLED lighting production.

Posted: Mar 09,2015 by Ron Mertens