LG Chem acquires DuPont's soluble OLED IP and technologies

LG Chem has acquired DuPont's soluble OLED technologies and assets, in a deal estimated at $175 million. LG Chem will receive DuPont's entire soluble OLED IP (540 materials and process patents) and all of DuPont's related equipment and R&D facilities. The deal does not include any assets related to Dupont's evaporation OLED business.

LG Chem and DuPont soluble OLED technologies acquisition ceremony

LG Chem believes that the OLED industry is moving towards ink-jet printing of OLED panels based on soluble OLED materials and technologies - and it has now acquired key technologies in this area. DuPont has been developing related materials for over 20 years, has been collaborating with equipment makers (such as Kateeva) and display makers and has also developed its own nozzle-printing process.

LG Chem says that it believes display makers will start to mass produce soluble OLED displays in the next five years. JOLED is already producing OLED monitors using ink-jet printing, but in very low volumes which could not be considered mass production. Most OLED producers, including LGD, Samsung, TCL and BOE are all developing ink-jet printing processes for OLED TV production.

DuPont 4.3-inch printed OLED prototypeDuPont 4.3-inch printed OLED prototype (2011)

In 2015 DuPont announced the opening of a new $20 million manufacturing facility designed to deliver production scale quantities of solution-based OLED materials. This facility was probably now transferred to LGD. In 2015 we also posted an interview with DuPont's OLED unit Director of Operations.

Posted: Apr 03,2019 by Ron Mertens