Kateeva and DuPont announced that they will co-develop solutions for ink-jet printed OLEDs - specifically they will optimize DuPont's soluble materials for Kateeva's inkjet systems. The two companies hope this collaboration will enable then to offer a simple and highly-effective OLED TV printing process.

This follows Kateeva's agreement with Sumiomo Chemical that aims to pair Sumitomo's PLED materials to Kateeva's YieldJet OLED ink-jet printing platform.

After several years in stealth mode, Kateeva first unveiled their ink-jet system in November 2013. A year later they unveiled an ink-jet based encapsulation system for flexible OLED production. The company already shipped one mass production system (probably to Samsung Display who invested in Kateeva in September 2014).




yeye, now make some 21:9 OLED monitors already

Progress is slow for sure.

Progress is slow for sure.

I hope someday true emitting displays will replace backlitten displays, and we would never look back...

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