Kateeva and DuPont to jointly optimize soluble materials for inkjet printing

Kateeva and DuPont announced that they will co-develop solutions for ink-jet printed OLEDs - specifically they will optimize DuPont's soluble materials for Kateeva's inkjet systems. The two companies hope this collaboration will enable then to offer a simple and highly-effective OLED TV printing process.

This follows Kateeva's agreement with Sumiomo Chemical that aims to pair Sumitomo's PLED materials to Kateeva's YieldJet OLED ink-jet printing platform.

After several years in stealth mode, Kateeva first unveiled their ink-jet system in November 2013. A year later they unveiled an ink-jet based encapsulation system for flexible OLED production. The company already shipped one mass production system (probably to Samsung Display who invested in Kateeva in September 2014).

Posted: Jun 01,2015 by Ron Mertens


yeye, now make some 21:9 OLED monitors already

Progress is slow for sure.

I hope someday true emitting displays will replace backlitten displays, and we would never look back...