DSCC: OLED panels shipments declined 3% in Q2 2022, but revenues increased 12%

DSCC says that in Q2 2022, OLED panel revenues increased 12% compared to Q2 2021, while shipment units declined 3%. Fewer OLEDs were shipped, but revenues increased as we've seen an increased growth in high value panels (gaming, monitors, laptops, automotive, etc) and also an improved form factor adoption in smartphones.

OLED panel revenues and growth (2020Q2-2022Q2, DSCC)

In Q2 2022, smartphones remained the largest OLED application with a 76% unit and revenue share. OLED smartwatches had a 16% unit share (and a 6% revenue share), and OLED TVs had a 11% revenue share (up from 8% in Q1 2022).

DSCC detailed the changes in the quarter by OLED applications:

  • Automotive increased 55% Y/Y in units and 33% Y/Y in revenue;
  • Game platforms increased 314% Y/Y in units and 302% Y/Y in revenue;
  • Monitors increased 354% Y/Y in units and 142% Y/Y in revenue (this includes large WOLED monitor panels);
  • Notebook PCs increased 22% Y/Y in units and decreased 4% Y/Y in revenue;
  • Tablets increased 61% Y/Y in units and 65% Y/Y in revenue;
  • Smartphones decreased 3% Y/Y in units and increased 17% Y/Y in revenue;
  • Smartwatches decreased 19% Y/Y in units and decreased 11% Y/Y in revenue;
  • TVs decreased 5% Y/Y in units and decreased 13% Y/Y in revenue.

DSCC also says that in Q2 2022, Samsung Display maintained its 64% revenue share (same as in Q1 2022), followed by LGD with 18% and BOE with 8% (down from 9% in Q1 2022).

OLED panel revenue by producer (2020Q2-2022Q2, DSCC)

Posted: Aug 16,2022 by Ron Mertens