BOE demonstrate its latest flexible and foldable OLEDs at SID 2018

China-based BOE Display had an impressive booth at SID, where it displayed the company's latest displays. The company's flexible and foldable OLED prototypes and panels took center stage, as BOE is ramping up its flexible OLED production and is also developing its next generation technologies.

BOE's foldable prototype was a 6.2" WQHD (1440x3008, 538 PPI) panel that features a fold-radius of 1R and include a touch layer. The display has a super narrow border, and is 0.21 mm thick. BOE says that it can withstand over 100,000 bending cycles.

BOE also demonstrated a foldable tablet (which they call a Phonblet, I am not sure if this term will catch), which includes a larger 7.56" foldable OLED. This panel features a resolution of 2048x1535 (338 PPI).

BOE 6.2'' WQHD foldable OLED prototype, SID 2018

BOE also demonstrated an ultra-thin (0.03 mm) flexible 5.99" 1080x2160 (403 PPI) OLED panel, and a large 12.3" FHD (167 PPI) automotive-grade OLED prototype that offers a brightness of 600 nits.

BOE 12.3'' FHD automotive flexible OLED (SID 2018)

As we reported before, BOE also showcased its first ink-jet printed OLED and a new 0.39" FHD OLED microdisplay.

Posted: Jun 01,2018 by Ron Mertens