BOE demonstrates its first inkjet-printed OLED prototype at SID 2018

China's largest display maker BOE Display has an active OLED ink-jet printing project, and according to reports the company is establishing an R&D production line (in Hefei) that uses Kateeva's inkjet deposition equipment.

At SID 2018, BOE demonstrated a printed OLED panel for the first time. Surprisingly this is a small mobile OLED display - a 5.5" FHD (400 PPI) flexible AMOLED. It is usually assumed that inkjet printing is limited to around 200 PPI, and so only useful to large area panels (such as TVs or monitors). JOLED's 21.6" 4K printed OLEDs have a PPI of 204, for example. In 2017 Korea-based Unijet's president said that Inkjet printing could reach up to 550 PPI in 2020 by using next-generation laser-droplet technologies.

BOE OLED structure and process poster (SID 2018)

BOE did not disclose much information on this panel, the materials used or when it expects to commercialize this production process. However it is hoped that inkjet printing could lower the production costs of OLED (DSCC estimates that ink-jet printing could lower the cost of OLED TV production, for example, by as much as 17%).

Posted: Jun 01,2018 by Ron Mertens