Apple's IT OLED roadmap supposedly leaks, detailing when the company plans to launch its OLED laptops, monitors and tablets

Accoridng to Twitter (X) user Revegnus, the following is a leaked Apple roadmap, detailing the company's plans for OLED laptops, tablets and monitors:

As many already estimate, Apple will release the first OLED tablets next year, the iPad Pro 11" and 13". The next stage will only arrive in 2026, when Apple will ship a foldable 20.3" tablet, and two OLED laptops (MacBook Pro 14.2" and 16.2").


The supposed roadmap also includes iMac monitors, starting in 2027, with 21.5", 27" and 32" monitors, and eventually in 2028 also a 42" OLED monitor.

The plan seems plausible, and somewhat close to Omdia's estimate which it released in April.

Posted: Nov 06,2023 by Ron Mertens