Wisechip shows its latest PMOLEDs at the TADF Workshop in Japan

Wisechip, the Taiwan-based PMOLED maker, demonstrated its latest display panels and prototypes at the TADF Workshop last week in Fukuoka, Japan. This was an impressive display and a great chance to experience the latest PMOLEDs displays from Wisechip.

So first up we have the company's transparent PMOLED. This is a 4.1" (106x37.9 mm) segmented T-OLED specifically aimed for automotive HUD applications. The display has 4 colors (red, orange, green and blue) and offers a typical brightness of 800 nits (max is 1,500 nits). According to Wisechip the display will soon hit the market for a specific automotive partner.

Wisechip transparent PMOLED  (TADF Workshop, July 2017)

Wisechip also demonstrated its flexible PMOLEDs. In the last few months Wisechip demonstrated several such displays - 1.8" 160x32, 1.36" 128x16 and a 256x64. The curvature radius of Wisechip's displays is 40 mm and the whole panel is 0.3 mm thick. The displays will take longer to commercialize compared to the transparent panels - but hopefully these will available on the market in 2018.

Wisechip flexible PMOLEDs (TADF Workshop, July 2017)

The highlight of Wisechip's exhibition at the workshop was of course its Hyperfluoresence based yellow display that was developed in collaboration with Kyulux. This should be out by the end of 2017 and will hopefully enable displays that are more efficient and brighter.

Wisechip PMOLEDs  (TADF Workshop, July 2017)

Wisechip also demonstrated many of its existing PMOLEDs - including monochrome, full-color, character and round displays for a wide range of applications. Our OLED Marketplace includes many of Wisechip's panels if anyone is interested in adopting these in future products.

Wisechip round PMOLED panel (TADF Workshop, July 2017)

Posted: Jul 29,2017 by Ron Mertens