Wisechip demonstrate new flexible and transparent PMOLED prototypes

Taiwan-based PMOLED maker Wisechip announced it is developing transparent and flexible PMOLED displays last year, and the company has presented new prototype displays in a trade show in Germany last week.

Wisechip flexible PMOLED prototypes (March 2017)

Wisechip demonstrated three flexible OLEDs - a 1.8" 160x32 panel and a 1.36" 128x16 panel. Both are monochrome (white) panels as you can see in the photo above. The third display is a 256x64 one. The curvature radius of Wisechip's displays is 40 mm. The photo also includes a demonstration of a PMOLED display embedded in a credit card form.

Wisechip automotive PMOLED prototypes (March 2017)

The transparent display was part of Wisechip's automotive OLED line. The new prototype segmented T-OLED offers a transparency of over 65% and a brightness of over 1,500 nits. This is an automotive-grade display with a wide operating temperature range and high contrast, speed and wide viewing angles.

Last year Wisechip also demonstrated a dot-matrix transparent OLED - a round 1.07" 160x136 one. Wisechip's original plan was to start producing transparent displays towards the end of 2016, but apparently this is a bit delayed. We hear that the displays are nearing production though.

Posted: Mar 22,2017 by Ron Mertens